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Welcome to Maseno Educational Centre MEC), a sure and real home away from home. We are extremely humbled and honoured by your interest in our school. We are a family oriented school that values everybody as an integral part of this big family.We endeavour to train children in the way they should go so that when they grow up, they don’t lose track but go on to realise their potential to great horizons.

Thanks to our team of well trained and certified teachers, your child is guaranteed to receive the best education. Additionally, our classrooms are spacious and well-furnished with state-of-the-art facilities. The pupils per class are few thus ensuring one on one teacher learner interaction which improves the quality of education that MEC offers.

Our boarding section is a comfort area which adequately replicates the home setting, allowing your child to be happy and relaxed, a requisite to effective learning.

We take it as a calling to nurture our pupils into respectable citizens who have tolerance for others who do not share their virtues.  In tandem with our motto, we guide our pupils to fully apply the discipline imparted in them as they work with others to promote teamwork and integrity.

As IT skills are necessary in an evolving world, we partner with Maseno University to ensure that our students are technologically competent. This makes them fit into any academic setting across the globe. To encourage our pupils to have an open mind, we hold joint classes with schools in the UK, Rwanda, Canada, and Australia. This gives them an opportunity to experience different cultures and build their knowledge.

To ensure balance between work and play, we offer a variety of sporting activities that narrow down to an area of speciality and talent. We boast of a fully equipped sports academy that specialises in football, netball, volleyball, hand ball and track events in athletics. Plans are underway to introduce martial arts classes for self-defence.

Since agriculture is the backbone of the Kenyan economy, we train our pupils in agriculture by engaging in agricultural activities that end up providing for the school. This goes hand in hand with other skills such as home care and personal hygiene. Additionally, we have the Scouts’ club that instils in our students the value of service to humanity.

In a nutshell, Maseno Educational Centre is the perfect home away from home where your child’s bright future is guaranteed through enlightenment, inspiration, and empowerment. This is the most assuring home to be part of, for a caring parent, citizen and patriot.

Welcome to Maseno Educational Centre.

Mwalimu Abubakar Tsalwa.


Maseno Educational Center
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