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The school offers both the 8-4-4 system and the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) 2-6-6-3 education system—that is, 2 yrs (pre-primary), 6 yrs (primary), 6yrs (Junior Secondary School) and, 3 yrs (Higher Education) that is intended to provide every learner with seamless, competency based high quality learning that values every learner. The school is currently at a transition stage for both curriculum with plans to enhance infrastructure to provide Junior Secondary School level programs.


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“Nurture visionary leaders to attain their full potential”


To be a recognised leader in the provision of holistic quality education that is accessible and affordable”. We are dedicated to the individual development of Pupils’ attitudes, skills, knowledge, and responsibility that are essential to successful achievement in school and society.”

To fulfill our Mission

We are committed to a strong and comprehensive educational program and learning environment which enhances self-esteem, provides role models, optimises each child’s potential, develops a lifelong love of learning, and builds personal responsibility.

Core Values

  • Integrity – acting with honesty, trust, and openness.
  • Teamwork — working together to achieve common goals.
  • School discipline – adherence to the school rules and codes of conduct to maintaining order.
  • Honesty and Respect – open communication, respect, support, and value each other.
  • Optimism – commitment to a positive attitude and,
  • Commitment – having obligations that go beyond our professional responsibilities.


Day and Boarding School

Open to pupils of all religions, races, and nationalities willing to pursue the Kenya National Educational Curriculum


Students are taught by highly experienced and qualified members of staff

Maseno, Kisumu County

22 kilometres North West of Kisumu City in Kenya

Class Sizes

The Class sizes are small (25 – 30 pupils)

Optional Foreign Languages

We offer teaching of Foreign Languages (Arabic, French, German)