Director’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. We guarantee that, you will find the Maseno Education Centre (MEC) particularly attractive to your child. With fully qualified, TSC-certified, and highly experienced teaching staff, MEC provides holistic education that addresses the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of the pupils in an integrated learning format. Emphasis is placed on providing whole child supports in an environment that is friendly, happy, supportive, and secure. The aim is to prepare the pupils for their role in an increasingly interconnected and rapidly changing world. We treat every child as an individual and guarantee that your child will be known, cared for and given myriad opportunities for progress and personal development both inside and outside the classroom. With this approach, you will definitely witness your child’s growth and development as they graduate from the ‘early years of education’ through to “middle school education”.  Our goal is to ensure that every pupil can be proud of themselves as they begin the journey of adult life, act as an ethical and responsible role model for others and understand the part that the School and its staff have played in developing them as the resilient, tolerant, multilingual, passionate, dedicated, and skilled members of the society.

We invite you to our website that communicates our detailed insight into our educational philosophy and pastoral and academic approaches — more so, enthusiasm for learning, our commitment to excellence, respect for diversity, and how deeply we care for each other. Of course, it is impossible to judge any school based on words or on a website alone. We invite you to contact us via Facebook, Twitter and, Instagram pages and, email below and chat with us virtually to discuss how our school can support your individual needs and help to fulfil your child’s aspirations and dreams.

I send you the best of wishes and look forward to meeting you and your child soon and hope that you will join our vibrant and supportive MEC family.


Dr Wasunna Owino (PhD), University of Sussex

Director, MEC

Maseno Educational Center
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